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IP Broadcasting System

Implement IP broadcasting via intranet.

IP broadcasting system provides higher reliability and stability than traditional analog networks, easier to maintain, and can provide two-way intercom.


The school broadcasting system is divided into four sub-systems:

indoor broadcasting system, outdoor broadcasting system, scheduled broadcasting system, and emergency broadcasting system.

IP broadcast microphone

Campus network

Outdoor PoE speaker

Indoor PoE speaker

Computer server

IP Broadcasting System

Digital transmission signals can not be interrupted

Various content can be played by each speaker independently

Each speaker is connected via an independent LAN, allowing for individual monitoring of their operational status.

Management in network format by floor, the wiring layout is clear and simple, making replacement and maintenance very easy

Traditional PA

Analog transmission is susceptible to interference, resulting in noise.

All speakers can only play the same content

Speakers are often connected in series (hand-in-hand), making it difficult to troubleshoot when issues arise.

All speakers are connected to the school office's broadcast system, creating a complex and chaotic wiring situation, making maintenance very challenging.

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