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NUITEQ®  from Sweden, who designed touch screen software
related to interaction. Shaping and redefining entertainment, education and conference room technology.

Snowflake Is the only educational technology software allowing you to divide your touchscreen into independent, personalized zones. Snowflake transforms the classroom into a fun, motivating, and engaging active learning environment.


The Snowflake software has more than 20 different question forms and tools, simplified the content of QEF textbooks and adding fun to the classroom.
The Snowflake is widely used in more than 70 countries. Empowers people to socially engage with each other, through the use of technology. 

Activate your students for greater engagement with NUITEQ Snowflake.
Ideal for distance learning or for your classroom, Snowflake gives you access to teacher-made standard-aligned lessons accessible anytime, anywhere. It provides a safe environment for online collaboration and allows simultaneous personalized instruction, making curriculum relevant to students' lives.



  • Content made by teachers for teachers

  • Complementary activities for educational videos

  • Standards-aligned lessons to match your curriculum, created by active teachers that are brief, fun to watch, and engaging for the whole class

  • Customize lessons right from the browser on any device, anywhere, and anytime

  • Online polls to engage the entire class with our Student Response System

  • Storytelling using Lists of Lessons

  • Browse by standard, language, popularity, and find regional events

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): Activities during class

  • Links to the best educational resources available on the Internet

  • Connects to a learning ecosystem for content, classroom management, and formative assessment.


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