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SMV Touch Interactive Whiteboard enables TEN users write and draw simultaneously.  Truly TEN Touch, requires no separate multiuser mode setting. Users can write, draw and move objects with a finger. Connects TEN Touch eBoard to a PC via standard USB port, just plug-n-play, makes the lecture more interactively and enhances the efficiency of conference and seminar.

SMV Touch supports Linux, Mac, all Microsoft Windows & multiuser writing and common multi touch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft Win-7, 8, 10.

Interactive Whiteboard



Truly 10 Point touch, support up to 10 person to use, perfectly for group activity and interactive games.

10 Point Touch



Ceramic Surface


Using Ceramic material for the writing area.  Guarantee Anti-Scarch and easy to clean.


Writing Board


Interactive Whiteboard becomes a normal whiteboard when not using interactive function and its easy to clean.


SMV Touch support any kind and any brands of projector, including Long throw, Short throw and Ultra Short Throw Projector.

Work with Any Projector



Teaching Software


Bundled Teaching Software comes with any size of SMV Touch Interactive Whiteboard, teacher can prepare interactive teaching material for their interactive classes.


Multi System Support


Support most of operating system such as Windows XP/7/8/10, MAC OSX, Linux, Android and works with most of e-learning, ebook material, plug and play!

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