An electronic flip chart, which able to directly / indirectly connect to any mobile devices. Using a regular dry erase marker, all notes written on eNote Board can be shared, saved and edited in seconds on your mobile phone / tablet. Support IOS & Android. Easy to set up with no IT integration required.

eNote Board Demonstration

Can be used in meeting rooms/public areas/classrooms

Save, WhatsApp & email the notes as PDF or JPG

Synchronizing with the mobile devices and writing the note on the Flip-Chart board

Real mobility by connecting with a portable power bank

PIN Code Protect sensitive work with encrypted connection

Compatible with Apple app store, Android app store, Windows Store

Create your own library on your mobile phone in eNote Flip Chart app

Use the mobile device to scan the PIN code on the eNote Flip Chart

What you see and what you get! No code requires.

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