• Embedded Android 8.0

  • Pluggable Intel 8th GenerationCPU computer for Windows Platform

An integrated solution for attendees to mirror mobile and PC display, to view high definition photos and videos, make vivid live broadcast, and deliver professional presentation. 

  • Annotation tools at all the sources

  • Rich tools available in any source, including timer, counter, spot light and etc. 

  • Embedded Android system and PC module connected via single Ethernet Cable

  • Support up to 1000Mbps

  • High accuracy IR pen

  • Support 2 pens writing 2 colors simultaneously

  • Multiple brushes and color mixer for imaginative creation

  • Zoom out and drag to corner so that you can have limitless writing space

  • Multiple templates and teaching materials based on different subjects

  • True 4K user interface

  • 4K annotation

  • 4K HDMI output 

Providing Screen Lock prevent improper use

  • Vote, respond and project texts with any mobile device in the same network 

  • Reflect the voting result and interactive feedback in real time 

Interactive Panel for Classroom

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